3 Reasons to Be Polarizing

“I’m angry and I mean really pissed!…” is what a friend of mine from Rio De Janeiro posted on his Facebook. I thought to myself, “oh no, what happened?”

So I read the rest of the post and it went on to explain how angry he was because a reporter had done a story on his business and didn’t really agree with what they were doing.

The reason the reporter didn’t give a favorable story is because she is a woman — no, not JUST because she is woman but also because my friend is a “pick up artist“, a guy that studies and practices ways to attract and seduce woman. And he gets paid to teach other guys how to do the same — yes, this job really exists.

I know what all the ladies are thinking,what, that is absurd…! and the guys, really?, what’s the website!?” 🙂

How I first learned about these types of teachings was through word of mouth about this mythical book that teaches you how to ‘score’ woman, a book called, “The Game”.

If you actually take the time to read the book, or go to one of their seminars, you will realize what they are teaching it is more about human nature and self confidence than slimy pick up lines.

So, back to my point. Why am I telling you this?

Though my friend didn’t realize it, he should be HAPPY that this reporter is taking opposition to his mission, because this means he is on the cusp of starting a movement and it is actually a sign that he is doing a lot of things RIGHT.

Creating a cult-like following is one of the most powerful things that can happen to a business — just ask Facebook, Harley Davidson or Tom’s shoes.

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is they try to please everyone — they want to be liked and avoid criticism at all costs. They prefer to be the politician and blend in — they take the middle road.

This is especially true if you are a solo-preneur or the face of your company. Nobody likes to be disliked (except maybe Andrew Dice Clay).

If you want to be heard, you must take a stand.

Here’s why this matters: You’re in business to get customers.

How you get customers is by attracting them and converting them to your ‘tribe’.

QUESTION: What tribe do you think YOU want to join?

ANSWER: The one that is most similar to YOU. The one that is most aligned with what YOU believe in.

As our worlds become more connected virtually and less connected physically, people search for opportunities to belong to something bigger than just themselves — a sense of belonging. What my friend has done is, he has created a polarized division between people who are opposed to what he does and the people that support what he does.

And what happens when someone is attacking the head of a tribe? You defend him/her?

And just as I suspected, the current ‘believers’ of his philosophies came to his rescue and began fighting the fight for him.

How many customers do you have that will freely, openly and willingly go to bat for what your company represents?

When they profess their allegiance to his side, they in turn strengthen their bond and loyalty to his company.

This is why getting your past clients to publicly endorse your product or service (whether you actually post it somewhere or not) is a good strategy to get strengthen loyalty from them. It’s called the law of commitment and consistency. Once you publicly announce your position, you will defend that position even against overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

If you don’t take a stand and represent a clear opinion or a position in your marketplace, you are not connecting with your clients on as a deep level as you could be.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a message that is controversial or negative. For example, one of InfluenceOlogy’s positions is presentations and public speaking is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. This message attracts some people and repels others. There are many people who absolutely disagree with us. The fact that you are reading this newsletter suggests to me that you are aligned with our message.

Here are 3 reasons why you should create a polarizing message:

Reason #1

You instantly become more noticeable: In a world where 90+% of all messages are ignored, yours will have more people taking notice.

Reason #2

You will now get a better platform. When people begin to criticize you, they now open you up to their audience and you can communicate with their audience. And here’s a fact, you will resonate with some people in their audience and they will become a fan as well.

Reason #3

You will shorten your sales cycle. A mentor of ours Carl White once said, “there is no money in the maybes”. By having a very defined stance, you allow people to instantly decide, “yes, I like this person” or “no, I don’t like this person”.

So here’s what to do next: revisit your current marketing messages. Have you made it clear what you stand for, what you and your company is about? Have you communicated that with your list and prospects?

If not, consider how you can go even further from the middle-of-the-road and watch as your connection with your audience deepens.

Loving, Living, Giving Large,

Jeff Paro

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