I was recently speaking with a friend of mine that is really unhappy with his job. As we were talking a common theme kept coming up…”we are not a direct supplier”, “we are not competitive with our prices”, “our support staff is dropping the ball”.

I happen to know he is not having the kind of success or making the kind of money he would like to.

The thing is, he has everything it takes to be a great salesperson. He is not afraid of rejection. He is unbelieveably likeable. He has great sales skills.

So why is he struggling?

Part of the reason he is not being as successful as he could be is because he does not believe in his product. In his heart he thinks he is selling an inferior product and working for an inferior company.

I have spoken for, trained, and coached thousands of super successful sales people and entrepreneurs and I have noticed something they all have in common…

They believe in their product.

They have an unshakeable conviction in what they are selling.

They know all the reasons that a prospect MUST use their product. Remember prospective clients have a need or problem and your job as a sales professionals or service providers is to solve that problem or satisfy that need.

It’s imperative that you develop a belief that your product can and WILL enrich their lives.

For example, one of the services that we offer at InfluenceOlogy is presentation skills training. I know in my heart that these skills are some of the best skills someone can acquire to make more money or to make a bigger impact in the world.

There is zero doubt when I am speaking to a prospective client about the quality of my product. I am absolutely certain that I can help them

We have gone as far as to write them down.

Here they are:

24 Reasons Why Presentation Skills are a MUST!

  1. It positions you as an expert
  2. It enhances your credibility
  3. Your presentation can go viral (if it is good)
  4. It differentiates yourself from your peers
  5. It gives you a chance to customize your content “live”
  6. You create rapport/proximity with your audience (live interaction)
  7. Gives you publicity before the presentation (he/she will be presenting…)
  8. Gives you publicity during your talk (live streaming, pictures, etc…)
  9. Gives you publicity after your talk (here is her/his presentation, etc…)
  10. Low cost marketing (if you know what you are doing)
  11. Allows you to get new clients
  12. Allows your potential clients to “try” before they “buy” you
  13. Very easy to get referrals (for others clients and future talks)
  14. You end up meeting leaders of organizations and companies
  15. You start connecting with other Presenters (outstanding peer group)
  16. You can make additional income (getting paid to speak, selling products, etc)
  17. It is a lot of fun to develop and communicate your own ideas (increase your passion)
  18. Makes you grow as a person and leader (brainstorming, preparing and delivering your talk)
  19. Great way to build up your database organically
  20. Your presentations can become a book, training manual, digital product, etc
  21. You make a lot of new friends…
  22. And, most important, allows you to HELP more people
  23. Transferability: The structures you learn to create presentations can be use to write copy for emails, websites, etc
  24. Working on your business presentation will help you with your one-on-one communication with your family and friends

These are the ‘reasons’ that re-inforce our beliefs.

In addition, I know that we can help someone acquire these skills (solve their problem of not having them) as good as anyone and better than most.

Another example is a guy I used to work with at the Anthony Robbins organization. He was by far one of the most ‘un-polished’ speakers on the team. He didn’t know the finer points of influence or delivery, but what he did have was conviction in his product. His own life had been transformed from attending an event so he knew what it could do for others. He was relentless and never gave up on people. He would go to extremes and do things that most people wouldn’t because ‘he knew’. For this reason, he sold the most tickets anyone has sold in a year. He has gone on to sell another product for the company and continues to set new records — all because he has a deep, unshakeable belief in his product.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling mortgages, mops or pencils… you must believe in your product/service.

If you don’t, you will never be successful. You may have short term success but in the long run you will begin to lose the certainty to motivate you at the times when you aren’t operating at peak performance.

Your customers are looking to you for guidance and advice and most sales people want to do what is right. If don’t believe 100% in you, your company or your product, you will have an unconscious moral conflict between doing what is right for the customer and making the sale.

This is why so many people struggle in sales.

In order to develop this certainty, here is what I suggest you do:

Take a pen and piece of paper and write down 10 reasons why your product or service is the best solution for your customers.

If you can’t find 10 reasons, then I’m sorry, and you may need to consider a new product or company.

Once you have this list, print it out and look at right before you speak to a prospective client.

This will serve as a reminder why you are the best choice for your client and will improve your confidence when speaking to them. And this will in turn give the prospect certainty that they are making the right decision by choosing you.

Loving, Living, Giving Large

Jeff Paro

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