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San Diego, Ca
Dear 10X Business Builder,

A story I love to re-tell is one I learned while working for Tony Robbins.

It’s a story that Tony told about founder and CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith.

Years ago at the FedEx Memphis hub all the machines and conveyor belts SUDDENLY stopped working.  This was disastrous to business for 2 reasons:

1) All FedEx packages go to Memphis first and then get shipped out all over the world

2) FedEx guarantees that it will be there when you need it the next day.

FedEx’s reputation and millions of dollars were on the line. So they called a technician to come in to see if he could fix it.

The technician comes in and glances at the facility and goes to the center beam and turns one screw a quarter inch. And like magic everything starts working again.

Now the founder of FedEx, Fred Smith was ecstatic and asked technician, “what do I owe you?”

The technician said “$10,000.”

Mr. Smith replied “What $10,000? You were only here for less than 5 minutes.”

Technician replied back “Yes, it’s $10,000.”

Mr Smith, thinking he could out fox the technician asked, “Can I see an itemized receipt?

“Sure, give me a napkin” said the technician and wrote an itemized receipt on the napkin.

Fred Smith looked at the napkin, nodded his head and smiled and went straight to his office safe and got him $10,000 in cash.

On the napkin it stated: Turning Screw $1, Knowing Which Screw to Turn $9999

If you’re struggling to get more leads and more clients, my guess it’s not a matter of you WORKING HARDER… my guess is you DO work hard.

It’s simply a matter of spending your time turning the right screws...

…Just a few degrees. 

What are the activities that have the biggest impact in your business?

What are the skills and abilities (your screws) that once developed will give you the biggest return on time invested.

One of those screws that will have a MAJOR impact in your life and business is the ability to influence people.

I can speak from personal experience that the moment I started to REALLY focus on increasing my ability to influence others — my life changed forever.

Suddenly people were inviting me into to their “inner circles”, sales situations that used to make me cringe — felt like conversations I would have with my brother, and most importantly I felt empowered to really create whatever life I desired.

If you are ready to experience this kind of shift in your life and your business — begin to study influence.

Jeff Paro, Editor
10X Business Letter

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