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Dear 10X Business Builder,

“Influenceologist” (AKA, Influencing from the Front graduate) Joe Merlo says on the book of faces:

“Thank you Roberto Monaco and the IFF family!!!  I just did a talk to 600 people and rocked the house and lit the stage on fire!

The hours of being coached by Roberto, training and hours of practice paid off!  Thank you for supporting me to unleash the LION and share my voice with the world! I spoke to transform!  Forever grateful”

Bravo Joe.  Bravo.

Besides acknowledging the amazing tutelage of ol’ Berto notice what else he said.

“…hours of practice paid off.” 

That’s correct. 

You have to practice your presentation.  Just a like a soccer player, a violin player, or any other paid professional practices for a big event… so must you!! 

And like most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way. 

Most people do it the WRONG way. 

There are specific things you need to do correctly to prepare for your talk. 

But you’re gonna have to come to Influencing to the Front to learn what they are. We don’t just give out these trade craft secrets (like the coke recipe) to just anyone. 

I ain’t pulling your leg.

It works.

And, it works whether you “believe” it does or not (like gravity).

Of course, you can always keep sweating bullets and stressing out every time you have to talk or you can come see how the professional prepare so that when they get in front of the room they know they are going to ‘light the stage on fire!’. 

Zipped lips,

Jeff Paro

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