The one decision you have to make before you speak

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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Last Sunday I decided to do some work because our current rainy San Diego weather (no this is not a joke) was not inviting me to go to the beach (we actually went on Saturday and got rained on)!

I opened my computer and decided to re-read in detail the answers to the survey we sent out to our Influencing From The Front participants. One of the things that we want to know, specifically, are the outcomes that our clients want to achieve during our 3-day immersion weekend.

Thanks to the survey, we now have a HUGE database of outcomes and questions that speakers, professionals, and “want to be” speakers have in mind (we have been using this survey since we started InfluenceOlogy back in 2008). This process is so helpful because it helps us design our content around their questions and outcomes.

Their questions and outcomes fall all over the influence spectrum, things like: having the confidence to speak, organizing a persuasive talk, advanced closing strategies, getting hired to speak, etc. Obviously, we help our clients with these outcomes during our event, but BEFORE they apply these strategies, I encourage them to make ONE, just ONE decision in order to achieve these outcomes.

This decision is so subtle, yet, most people miss it…

This decision will determine if they are going to use these new-found speaking skills…

This decision will determine if they are going to speak to audiences both short and long-term…

This decision will influence their business outcomes…

The decision is simple: Do you chose to be a leader in your field or industry?

The people who make the decision, “yes, I am a leader in my field”, maximize our class and improve their business 10X!

If you stop and think about it, a leader is a person who leads groups. When you truly, genuinely, and congruently see yourself as a leader, speaking is something that you do. I always say this to our clients…

“It is not about public speaking, it is about public leading. Public speaking is a leadership tool.”

The way I see it, there is a big difference between…

  • A loan officer that does some group presentations OR a leader in the home financing industry
  • A chiropractor that does talks OR a leader in the health and wellness movement
  • A software engineer that speaks to his peers OR a leader in the software development industry
  • A financial advisor OR a leader in the financial industry

A leader does whatever it takes to lead groups of people, and speaking to groups is a tool to get the job done.

Once a person embraces the leadership role, speaking to groups goes from “I have to speak” to “I want to speak because that is what I do”.

Deciding to lead one’s field or organization is the first step to becoming a master communicator. All the other speaking, influence, and presentation tools will be utilized better after this decision.

Here a video on the subject:

Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform!

Roberto Monaco
The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

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