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Dear 10X Business Builder,

What I’m about to share with you could change your life forever.


You take the time to marinate on how and where you can apply it.

It’s a concept that we teach at our premier presentation skills workshop, but it can be (and is) used in many other forms of communication.  As a matter of fact, I recently purchased a marketing book from Internet Marketing guru Frank Kern and I was surprised to learn (shouldn’t have been) that he uses this tactic throughout his marketing campaigns.

What I’m eluding to is a term called “pre-framing”.  It’s a communication tactic that we refer to often and people ALWAYS have questions.

So instead of writing a detailed article about it, I have decided to have one of the best practitioners of pre-framing teach it and it explain it thoroughly in the video below.

[Editor’s side note: If you have kids (or have been a kid yourself), pay attention to how amazing children are at pre-framing]

 What is Pre-framing and How to Use it?


Loving Living Giving Large,

Jeff Paro
EditorThe 10X Business Letter

PS – This video is actually paid content.  It’s 1 of 100+ videos in The Influence Academy.  But we think this concept is so important, we are giving everyone access to it for a limited time.  If you like this video’s content and enjoy online learning, check out the rest of this online module, Presentation Structure HERE!

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