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Dear 10X Business Builder,

I was recently participating in an online training session and one of the questions that came up was:

“Roberto, how do I overcome my fear of forgetting what I am going to say? I do not have a good memory and sometimes I forget my ideas. This challenge has been preventing me from speaking to groups and limiting my income. Please help.”

Throughout my career I have heard this concern again and again. After investing more then 11,000 hours coaching professionals from 31 different industries, I can tell you that for 99% of the people experiencing this challenge, it is not a matter of physical or psychological limitation, but a matter of having the wrong presentation strategy.

So how do you avoid forgetting what you are going to say and be an effective speaker?

Apply these 5 simple and quick presentation tips and you will not worry about “forgetting” your content again. I explain in detail how to apply these 5 ideas in the video below but in summary they are:

Tip # 1: change your belief system: Replace the belief “if I forget parts of my presentation, I will look stupid and I feel embarrassed” with “I can forget parts of my talk and still be very effective because the audience has no clue about what I was planning to cover anyway”.

Tip # 2: Change your presentation rehearsal routine: Instead of memorizing words, focus on verbalizing chunks.

Tip # 3: Create a handout: A proper handout can create engagement, add value, and give you certainty you will know your content.

Tip # 4: Create an anchor for each chunk (point): Every chunk (point) of your presentation could have one major anchor (story, exercise, analogy, video, etc) that will make it easier for you to remember the sequence of your ideas .

Tip # 5: Have a glass of water ready

Watch the video and you will see what I mean.

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