Influence Strategy To Move Your Audience Into Action

In this quick video you will learn a very cool strategy to help you make your message more persuasive when doing live group presentations.

Last week I had the privilege to speak for a phenomenal group in Southern California, formed by very experienced and intelligent professionals. There were really cool people who love to learn and improve their skills.

However, the industry that this group belongs to is more traditional and conservative and they are NOT utilizing the power of Video Marketing yet to communicate to their clients or market to new clients.

The outcome of my presentation was to inspire them to use Video Marketing so they can acquire more leads.

One of the points that I made was that people are watching Videos but very few professionals in their industry are creating videos, so there is a huge opportunity for those who are committed to learn.

Obviously I used a lot of market data to prove my point, I told them that:

  • 181,000,000 watched online video in 12/2012
  • On average they spend 19 hours a month
  • Which represents 84.9% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video

And then I used a strategy that I want to share with you. I asked a couple of questions to the audience and had them  respond to me by standing up and sitting down. I believe this strategy really helped me drive my point home, let me show you

As you can see, physically engaging your audience can be a very powerful communication strategy to illustrate your point.

Some of the Pros of using a strategy like this are:

  • First, when you tell people they may doubt it, when they tell you it is true. In this case, they were telling me.
  • Second, the law of Social Proof is on your side. Your audience will see right there what others are doing and thinking as well.
  • Third , the idea that motion creates emotion is always helpful in a group presentation. It helps you manage the energy of the room.

Obviously, this strategy has some cons.

  • First, it can back-fire if you don’t have rapport with the group
  • Second, if you ask the wrong question you may loose your audience
  • Third, if you don’t respect the audience, and they feel like you want to manipulate them, it will backfire

Overall, I think it is a fabulous tool to use when you, the presenter, are 100% committed to create positive change and help your audience to go to the next level.

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