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Dear 10X Business Builder,

There are many reasons why storytelling is so effective in business communication.

One of them is because it reduces resistance to your message.

What I’ve discovered in my career is that it’s easy for your audience to counter-argue your facts, but it is harder for them to counter-argue your story, because well, it is YOUR story. Your story is your personal experience, it is what happened to you.

Let me give you an example. During one of our workshops, I like to drive the point that

“Any new skill you learn must be connected to your identity (how you see yourself) in order for you to successfully use it long term”.

You could counter argue this point by saying “Well Roberto, that is not true because I learned how to swim when I was a child. I still know how to swim but I do not see myself as a professional swimmer” (and I can see your point as well).

I could rebuttal your argument by saying that I was talking about a skill that you really want to use everyday in your life to achieve your goals etc, and, as you can image, you could also rebuttal that and our battle of words could go on and on.

Now, instead of engaging in an argument, I can tell a story about someone who learned a set of skills, but was failing in business because he did not connect his skills to his identity (how he saw himself).

Now, you may not agree fully with my point, but the story will make you resist my message less, and momentarily, you will see my point of view without counter-arguing. That is why storytelling in business is so important.

If your curious to see the story that I use to illustrate the point that “Any new skill you learn must be connected to your identity (how you see yourself) in order for you to successfully use it long term”, you can watch this video here:

If you want some of the stories I use, with explanations and context, you will absolutely LOVE our new program, Stories That Sell Volume 1. It’s a collection of stories that are ready to use during your next sales presentation. These stories are proven to increase your closing ratios (they have increased mine).

Speak soon, (Seriously! you should!)

Roberto Monaco
Contributor, The 10x Business Letter
Co-founder, Influenceology

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