Presentation for Business Trends

Not too long ago, if you were really good at presenting one-to-one you had a golden ticket. You could make as much money as you wanted to and help as many people as you wanted to.

While this still holds true for some specific industries, this rule does not apply for most entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers in the marketplace anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, one-to-one presentations are still extremely important and they will always be critical in the sales process.

However, market forces (e.g., easy access to the internet, easy to use presentation technology, companies reducing marketing expenses) combined with changes in human behavior (e.g., consumers have more choices, it is hard to get their attention, and the consumer’s trust levels are at an all time low) are making it extremely challenging for the professional who keeps presenting his products and services the same way he used to 10 years ago.

There is a trend that I call “Presentation Versatility” that is changing the landscape of business presentations and the requirements to be successful in the current and future marketplace.

Here is a video explaining this trend for you…

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