Sometimes Knowing Is NOT Enough

Influenceology believes that the first person someone should influence – is YOU!  Personal development seminars are great way for you to become aware of what is holding you back from getting what you say you want.  As the cliche goes..."you don't get what we want in get what you are committed to"

You want more..

So what is stopping you?

We have been studying and practicing personal development for nearly 20 years...9 of those years with Tony Robbins.

From those years of experience we have identified some key behaviors that limit (in some cases even stop) people from becoming better leaders and influencers in their lives. Here are the 20 most common challenges that I have helped leaders and professionals to overcome:

  • Poor beliefs about possibilities (e.g., it is just not possible…)
  • Poor beliefs about capabilities (e.g., I am just not capable…)
  • Poor beliefs about worthiness (e.g., I am not worthy of achieving/becoming…)
  • Fears of all sorts (failure, rejection, unknown, success, not being good enough)
  • Lack of self-control & self-mastery

Here's what's up:  You are literally one or two 'shifts' away from having massive transformation in any area of you life.  Check out one of our resources that we have created to help you make those shifts.

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