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Presentation Skills and Influence Skills

Who Needs Presentation Skills?

  • CEOs and executives who present to employees, the media, and clients.
  • Salespeople and business owners who present to clients, potential clients and team members.
  • Lawyers who present to clients, juries and the media.
  • Coaches, speakers and trainers are always conducting one on one or one to many presentations.

If you are in business, you are a presenter. The question is how good at it are you?

Anybody can improve their presentation skills and become a great presenter…

However, while most people possess average presentation skills, very few are effective at presenting persuasively and moving people into action.


The reason is because even though public speaking and presentation skills are some of the most important skills in business, very few business schools (graduate and master level programs) teach relevant presentation and influence skills (besides your average speech class).

During the last 7 years, combined, we have conducted nearly 3,600 live presentations, and we have discovered a major lesson: presenting is not enough, you have to influence your audience into action.

You can have great articulation skills, great product knowledge, and a compelling offer and actually do a great presentation, but if your audience does not buy your product, service or idea, you have not influenced them.

Our quest during the last 7 years has been to figure out what causes people to say “yes” and agree with our proposal or I idea so we could create win-win scenarios.

"Influencing From the Front is the only coaching program available today that incorporates sales, influence and presentation skills in one easy-to-implement system…"

If you are open to learn more and positively impact the lives of others, I invite you to join our program, because you can be the next master influencer that the world is waiting for.


Before you read how you will profit from our coaching, I want to share with you that our program is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take the risk out of the equation. Here is what WILL happen when you participate in our program:

1. More confidence: You will have unstoppable confidence and you will feel great about yourself and your ability to elegantly present in front of any group, any size, anywhere.

2. More Opportunities: You will enjoy speaking and presenting so much that you will use it as part of your personal or professional marketing strategy. You will see both your career opportunities and your income grow. You will make more money with your newfound skills!

3. Save you time and headaches: You will have a system that will enable you to brainstorm, create and deliver career-enhancing and life-changing presentations that move people into action. The presentation strategies that you will learn will save you a lot of time when creating, preparing and rehearsing presentations. We all know time is money; so being effective at putting presentations together is key.

4. Personal Branding: You will be able to deliver both planned and impromptu presentations that are clear, organized, and influential. It doesn’t matter where you are; in the boardroom or at a networking event, you will look great when it is your turn to speak. You will inspire them to take action!

5. Professional Recognition: You will be invited to speak at professional events and networking organizations in your community (and maybe all over the country) and you will have a chance to connect with a lot of people! What you do with the invitations is up to you; you have the power to decide. The key is that you will be recognized in your industry as the go-to-guy (or go-to-girl) for your capacity to deliver high-impact and persuasive presentations.

6. Better Connections: Because you will have more influence power and your message will be more persuasive, you are going to be able to attract more of the types of people you would like to have in your life.

7. More Money: Two things will happen: a) if you are in sales, you will experience a higher closing ratio, and b) if you are not directly in sales, you will be able to get people to agree with you more often. The bottom line is that you will make more money.

8. Positive Impact: Finally, the great thing about being able to effectively present to large groups is that you ultimately decide how your message is going to help people.

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