[quote picture=”” name=”Steven Marshall – CEO, Mortgage Planner University” align=””] “An important aspect of being a successful Mortgage Planner or a Trusted Advisor is to present effectively in front of groups such as financial planners, realtors, CPAs, homebuyers, etc. Roberto not only will teach you how to present effectively, but also how to move any audience into action. He has done it for me. “ [/quote]

[quote picture=”” name=”Philip X. Tirone – President, “7 Steps to 720″” align=”right”]

“It is a must to hire Roberto Monaco if you will ever be selling from the stage. When I started selling from the stage I thought I had it down because I’m naturally a good salesperson. What I found out was that selling from the stage is completely different. Roberto breaks down your presentation minute by minute and separates the good and the bad. After only working with Roberto for one month, my sales from the stage went up over 300%! Thanks Roberto!”



“Roberto is a passionate and charismatic teacher that will find talent inside you that you didn’t know you had. His approach is so powerful, your only remaining fear will be finding enough people to influence from the front.” -Todd K. Ballenger -CLA, CMP, Author: Borrow Smart Retire Rich

“Roberto exceeds expectations more than any other coach or program I have ever been involved with. For example, the fist time I spent a full day with him, he flew in and was in my office by 9:00 am, we worked on a presentation for that night until 6:00 pm. I presented and closed 88 out of a possible 127 people (quadrupling any income I had earned from speaking previously) and then he helped me review the presentation (because he recorded it) until 2:00 in the morning. Roberto knows how to bring energy and teach you to do the same. Don’t just speak, influence and do it by allowing a master like Roberto to save you a lifetime. There is no question that whatever you spend will come back 10 fold, I have found it to be even better.” -Garrett B. Gunderson, Author Killing Sacred Cows

“For nearly 3 years Roberto has taken on my goals as if they were his own- he has helped me grow as a speaker, influencer as well as a man. While giving me the skills necessary to succeed, he has also helped me find my reasons to succeed, and in this process… Roberto has become one of the reasons I succeed. His leadership, expert knowledge, caring and drive to be the best have influenced me to achieve even more. He has been the success catalyst to my career as well as my life. Thank you Roberto!!!” -Eli Wilhide, Speaker and Actor

“Roberto has influenced me and my life in so many ways. He came into my life as a messenger of what’s possible. I went from never having spoke in front of a group of people to being one of Tony Robbins’ top speakers and now a sought after marketing coach. I owe the majority of that success to Roberto’s never ending commitment to my outcomes and the master level lessons he taught me about the art of influence, persuasion and presentations. He is an amazing teacher, coach, & role model rolled into one powerhouse soul!!! When Roberto speaks people take notes!!” – Jeff Paro, Duct Tape Marketing Coach

“In no uncertain terms, I am the speaker I am today because of what Roberto Monaco has taught me” -Tim O’brien, Esq. – President, The Personal Branding Group

“In the world of sales and influence Roberto Monaco is at the top. There is clearly a difference between teaching and influencing people to take powerful action to change their lives. For years I was an average influencer and wonderful teacher – this was a dilemma for me because I knew what I was sharing was powerful and could change peoples lives like it had mine – but my skills at influencing people in the moment to overcome their own fears, doubts and worries and take action in the face of them was low. My bank accounts represented that in a powerful way. Through meeting Roberto I came to understand the transformational difference between the science of influence and the art of teaching. For years I had invested in myself to gain the knowledge of the products, strategies and principles of my field of sales but not once had I invested in myself in the science of influence. After meeting Roberto, and applying the principles of the science of influence to my meetings and speaking engagements, I found myself being invited to speak at wealth workshops, events, and seminars, all over the country as well and being asked to launch my own radio talk show. The craziest thing to me was that my content did not change at all, I was sharing the same things I had been sharing with clients and groups for years, but armed with the power of transformational influence and Roberto’s one on one guidance my content came to life in a way I never imagined possible – because people took action. Needless to say my bank accounts and my life have forever changed. Attending one of Roberto’s events or working with him one on one will be by far one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business, your clients, your self & your family… so what are you waiting for – become a master Influencer and watch your sales career take off!” -Garrett White “The Passion”, Speaker and Freedom Fast Track Advisor

“In today’s business environment, just presenting your ideas, services and products is not enough; you must be someone who can cause people to take action. That is where all of the riches that you desire lie. Master this skill, and you will do, have, create, and contribute whatever you choose. You can take years to read all of the books and take all of the classes, or you can turn years into days by working with Roberto Monaco. He gives you the best of the best of usable techniques and psychologies that work in the real world. Check out his track record. That speaks for itself.” -Gene McNaughton, Sales Trainer & Consultant, Chet Holmes International

“Roberto will inspire and motivate you to take your career to the next level. His coaching and guidance gave me the tools necessary to transform my business and make my dream a reality! He truly is the MASTER at influencing from the front!” -Amber Anderson, CEO, Global One Investment Group & Public Relations Chair, CAMB (California Association of Mortgage Brokers) San Diego

“Roberto worked with me on a couple of occasions. He helped me make some massive breakthroughs in my business and personal life. His teaching will take you to a whole new level of communication and experience with your clients, family and others. We implemented these improvements in 2008 in re-creating our Prosperity Fast Track process. Thank you, Roberto!”
-Bobby Mattei, Principal at R. S. Mattei & Company, Inc.

“I was in search of a motivational source for our sales associates three years ago. Roberto made a presentation to a group of business people on the subject of “Mindset” that was terrific. For the past three years Roberto has continued to inspire our sales associates with high energy and strong conviction in the messages he delivers. His dynamic presentations have held the attention of our sales staff with substance and his keen ability to motivate. Not only has Roberto’s focus on mindset become a permanent part of our training for new and experienced agents in our company, but his material has also been an excellent tool that has allowed for growth in our company. I would recommend Roberto to any company or individual who is looking for a spark in their organization.”
 -Mike Diaz, President/Broker, Rancon Real Estate Corp.

“Roberto has a rare gift and passion for helping people in many ways. I still review Roberto’s notes and advice from past years every time I go on stage to educate and influence people. If you are in the business of helping, advising and educating others especially from stage, then you absolutely must learn and work with Roberto at some level. Without being mentored by Roberto you will always be missing something. Thank you Roberto for all your advice and insights.” -Dave Savage, CEO Mortgage Coach and Founder Smart Reply