Topic: Peak performance, mindset and resilience


Have you ever wondered how some professionals are able to produce 50, 100 even 200% more than their colleagues working for the same company, receiving the same training, operating in the same marketplace and selling the same product or service? How come some professionals always find a way to get their outcomes, time after time while others don't?

The answer is simple: Influencers think differently about what they do, their purpose, their outcomes and how they go about achieving them. If you know any company who tried "the motivational approach" before and did not get the results they were looking for, that is not a surprise.

Motivation is shallow and does not last. In today's ever increasing competitive environment, your team must learn how to influence their mindset on a daily basis so they can perform at their best level possible. In today's challenging economic and competitive environment, the "mindset" of your team plays a bigger role than ever before, and this training will teach your team how to maximize their inner-strength.


During this training, the audience will learn:

Psychology of an Influencer Take Aways.

  • What is business purpose and why that matters
  • How your values determine your performance and career fulfillment
  • 7 beliefs that drive excellence
  • How to increase your resilience level once and for all
  • How to break-up the negative cycles and have the strongest come-back ever
  • How to obliterate procrastination and take relentless actions towards any outcome
  • How to increase consistency in your business and life
  • How to eliminate limiting thoughts, beliefs and bad habits from your business and your personal life
  • How to reduce stress levels while increasing urgency and performance

Target Audience

Customer Service, Sales People, Managers, Employees, And Entrepreneurs

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a workshop, half-day or keynote.

Intended Outcomes

  • The audience members will be inspired to elevate their performance
  • The audience members will be encouraged to break-free from any limiting thought or pattern that may be hindering their success
  • The audience members will have even more clarity about their personal goals in life
  • The audience members will be better equip to deal with disappointmnet, failure and frustration
  • The audience members will make better choices that are aligned with their ultimate outcomes in life and business

Topic Authority

  • I have been doing life-coaching since 2004 and since then I have coached hundreds of professionals to make life-changing choices
  • I have developed and conducted a very successful 3-day event called "The Psychology of Execution" to help entrepreneurs increase their performance by enhancing their mindset
  • I have conducted thousands of presentations in the following topics: mindset, belief systems, peak performance, overcoming fear, living your values, overcoming procrastination, and experience a fulfilling life
  • I was responsible for hiring, training and coaching Field Sales Reps for The Anthony Robbins companies for 3 years
  • At 25 years old, I left my home country, a comfortable job that I had for 9 years, my friends and family to pursuit a life-long dream.  After 17 years, that dream is my life now


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