Business Growth Strategies

Betrayal of the Facebook friend

10X Business LetterIpanema, BrazilHot 94 Degrees~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Yesterday I read on the Face-less book about a friend getting stiffed by another ‘friend’ for some work he did. He’s an attorney, and a ‘friend’ asked him to do some legal work. And so he did it and then when the time came to…

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Bad news: Trying to get to home plate on first date

10X Business Letter  Hot 92 Degrees  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder,   STOP!  I don’t care about your lowest rates of the century, your flash sale, your limited time offer, your new process.    Oh you offer acupuncture now? Big Whoop.   Stop begging me to join your program and dangling useless carrots in front…

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Marketing lessons from my 72 year old mother

10X Business Letter Camano Island, Wa Cold 29 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Old people are hilarious. My mom, bless her heart, is no exception. The things they say and the way they think is different than our generation. It’s always been like that and I imagine, it will always be this way.  Technically,…

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