Topic: Storytelling, influence skills, leading with stories


When I started my career as a professional speaker and coach back in 2002 I was committed to figure out why some presenters were so influential when presenting their ideas while others weren't. There several factors that determines one's influence abilities, but there was strategy is common among all the master influencers. All great presenters are phenomenal storytellers! Whoever said "facts tell, stories sell" was right. All the leaders and influencers in history tapped into the power of storytelling when selling their point of view. Human beings are natural storytellers, however few professionals have consciously and precisely created a process to tells stories during their sales presentations, webinars, videos and meetings. Story$elling is the art and science of finding, structuring and incorporating stories into your sales, marketing and leadership process with purpose to influence your audience into action. Purposeful storytelling equals influence, period.


During this training, the audience will learn:

Story Selling Take Aways.

  • Why stories are one of the most important influence tools in the communication and presentation process
  • A time-tested process to find your own stories
  • 6 different types of stories that every leader, sales and marketing professional must know how to tell
  • How to create your "signature story" that you will use in your marketing materials, sales presentations and overall communication
  • The Dos and Don'ts of storyselling
  • How to deliver your story in a charismatic way
  • How to incorporate your story into different presentation mediums (video, webinar, public speaking, one-on-one presentation, over the phone, etc)
  • How to leverage your stories for teaching and training
  • How to help and inspire your clients to share your story to their friends
  • How to tap in the current "gold mine" of stories that your company has and use it to generate more clientsIntegration Exercise: help the audience to find, create and share their stories

Target Audience

CEOS, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, lawyers, chiropractors, internet marketers, educators, business owners, marketing managers, public relation professionals, sales professionals

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a workshop, half-day or keynote.

Intended Outcomes

  • The audience members will be more influential when communicating with their clients, prospective clients, coworkers and family members
  • The audience members will have a system to find, create and tell stories for different types of presentations and outcomes
  • The audience members will elevate their capacity to relate to different people, lead teams and influence individuals into action

Topic Authority

  • I have been been teaching storytelling for sales professionals, leaders and presenters since 2005
  • I have developed a storytelling product called "Story Starter"
  • I have personally helped more than 250 coaching clients to craft their personal "signature" story
  • I have helped thousands of presenters worldwide to incorporate stories into their sales presentations


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