How to Influence People

Why only chumps speak

10X Business Letter Hot 82 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, While it’s an undeniable fact that any kind of speaking will to be a positive thing… (branding, awareness, possible product sales) not all speaking is equal. Some people take the speaking opportunity and put little thought or effort into it and then hope for…

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Using the science of influence to influence

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca Mostly Sunny 68 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Do you use science to increase your sales? I do because it increases the likelihood of higher sales conversions. One of the scientific-based influence tools is storytelling (many studies have been done to prove the power of narratives). Because I…

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Influence in a Bottle?

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Just like gravity, influence principles are impacting us every moment of the day and most of us are not thinking about it (or we are not aware of it). A couple of days ago I was drinking a Kombucha and I started to pay…

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