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10X Business Letter
September 4th, 2013
San Diego, Ca
Breezy 70 Degrees

Dear Business Builder,

One of the questions that our clients ask us frequently is this one…

"How can I create unique content that adds value to my clients and positions me as the expert in the marketplace?"

There are many different ways you can do it!

In today’s issue, I want to share with you a strategy that will help you achieve just that, we call it the “TIQ video” or “Thoughts, Ideas and Quotes Video” (If you would like 52 other ideas, you can find them here)

The TIQ video is a collection of YOUR main Thoughts, Ideas and Quotes that you have accumulated during your career.

By creating and sharing a video like this you will:

  • Add value to your audience by sharing with them relevant and unique thoughts
  • Position yourself as the Thought Leader in the marketplace 
  • Inspire your audience to learn something new and to take action on your ideas
  • Make it easier for them to share your TIQ with their friends

Here is the exact step-by-step process I used to create this TIQ video

  1. I wrote my TIQ down. I am always capturing my TIQ in Evernote
  2. I created one slide for each idea using Keynote (you can also use powerpoint) 
  3. I used 1 picture per slide to illustrate my points. I chose to use our speaking pictures because: a) matches our brand, b) is congruent with what I do c) sends an unconscious message “these guys are always speaking” 
  4. I recorded the slide show alone (with no audio) using Screenflow software for mac. You can use any screen capture software to do that (Camtasia, etc)
  5. After I had the video recorded, I added 2 soundtracks that are Royalty FREE from Videoblocks.com (I have a subscription there) 
  6. Finally, I exported the video from Screenflow into youtube and shared it.

I hope you learned 1 idea from this video to improve your life or your business. (there are 21 ideas total)



Feel free to record your TIQ video and share it in our community on Facebook.com/Influenceology

Speak Soon. (Seriously. You should)

Roberto Monaco

PS: If you need help creating your own quotes, videos, or presentations, join us during our next Influencing From the Front class in November, but you need to hurry… ONLY 5 SEAT REMAIN!

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