My top 4 books from 2013

10X Business Letter

December 23th, 2013

Seattle, Wa

Rainy 45 Degrees


“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” — Ray Bradbury

Dear 10X Business Builder,

I LOVE reading books!

Reading has changed my life forever.

I could not possibly do what I do today if I did not love to read books.

There is NO way I could be able to effectively coach, train, speak and create content about topics like: presentation skills, public speaking, storytelling, the psychology of success, persuasion, influence, leadership, marketing and change if I did not LOVE to read books.

I guess I am lucky because I don’t have to read books; I get to read books because I love reading.

In 2013 I read some great books, and I would like to share my TOP 4 books with you. They have impacted me and InfluenceOlogy and I hope they will impact your business and your life as well!

Wishing you an awesome 2014!!!


Here are the books:

The 10X Rule

Persuasive Advertising

Presentation Secrets

Do It Marketing

Speak Soon. (Seriously you should!)


P.S., In case you haven't heard, we have announced a new date for Influencing From the Front….find out here!

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