In 20 Minutes or Less, You’ll find 20,000 Dollars for your Life

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San Diego, Ca

Dear 10X Business Builder,

For many people the topic of finances is taboo. Like many subjects of this nature, they are never discussed in an open or public forum.

My guess is because we are too ashamed. We know that we don’t have the best philosophies and habits and simply push it under the carpet to be dealt with at another time and date.

Our guest today is out to change this.

Garrett Gunderson, a NY Times bestseller, just released a series of FREE educational videos that you get first access to.

The great thing about Garrett and these videos is that he teaches stuff that NOBODY is talking about and does it in a manner that even a bone-head like myself can comprehend.

Garrett makes a bold mission statement:
“In 20 minutes or Less, You’ll find 20,000 dollars for your life”

In addition you’re going to discover:

• What’s the BEST tax shelter
• Why you may want to AVOID a conservative accountant
• The MYTH about tax loopholes
• Deferment Vs. Permanent tax reduction (and the consequences)
• If you own your own building, a little known strategy that could easily double or triple your tax savings
• The 3 year re-audit strategy

Loving Giving Living Large,

Jeff Paro
Editor, The 10x Business Letter
Co-founder, Influenceology

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