The Good vs. Evil Crusade

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San Diego, Ca

Dear 10 X Business Builder,

I like to think of myself as an ‘action taker’, someone who creates a plan and then tackles it with all his might.

Then again, most people think they are above average looking — and statistically we know that is impossible!!!

Though I like to see myself as a person of action, if I’m dead honest with myself, I’m a procrastinator.  Not all the time, only when I have something important to do.

If it’s something that just needs to get done but isn’t really that big of a deal, ie – returning a phone call or say, creating a template for our coaching programs, I will bang those out faster than most!

But if it’s something I classify as really ‘important’… my primary reaction is to stall.

Kaskade, one of favorite music producers, has a song that goes: “I have an angel on my shoulder, but a devil in my head”.

I can relate.  When I have to do some mission critical work, I have the action taker voice saying, let’s knock this out right now.  But I also have the procrastination devil saying, “Jeff, this is important, really put some thought into it.”  How about you organize your office and ‘think about it’” or, “think about it today, and LATER tonight, you can put your thoughts on paper”

Or my favorite, “Maybe I should wash my car”.  I know some important business stuff is about to be done if I want to clean my ride, of all things.

I believe one of the reasons I do this is because I put undue pressure on myself.
I make it bigger than it is.

This happens every time I have to write a sales letter, create a copy for a paid campaign or create a presentation from scratch.

The funny thing is, when I actually sit down and do the work — it’s actually not that difficult.  The key is just getting over that initial inertia.

You have to literally fight with every ounce of your will to get through this resistance.

Sometimes, you have to close the door, turn off your phone, and go to battle with the procrastination devil — it’s really that simple.

The Good vs. Evil crusade.

I know I’m not the only one who is infected with this potentially debilitating tendency.

After talking to thousands of people about the topic of public speaking, I can tell you that one of the biggest reasons people never really get that first successful talk is because they don’t START IT.

They don’t start because they procrastinate.

They procrastinate because they make it bigger than it really is.  They assume it’s going to be too arduous to create the presentation, too difficult to book the talk and too scary to deliver it.

I’m not saying any of those tasks are simple, but they’re not as difficult as people make them.

I’ve lost count at the number of past seminar attendees that have told me, once they did it, they couldn’t believe they hadn’t done it sooner.

The point is, if you’ve been putting off some important business tasks:

A.) You’re not alone; I wage war monthly.

B.) You’re probably making it bigger than it is.

If you want to make a dent in the world, if you have big plans, then it’s paramount you figure out a way to conquer this monster.

And to that I say, “raise your weapons!

Loving Living Giving Large,

Jeff Paro
EditorThe 10X Business Letter

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