7 Ways to Get Your MOJO back

How much do you believe in your message?

How much do you believe in the business presentations and conversations that you have with your clients and prospective every single day?

At first glance, when I ask these questions, my audiences say…"of course I believe a lot" or "I believe 100%".

Then, I follow up with these questions:

So, if you truly believe in your message let me ask you these questions:

  • When was the last time you recorded a video and published it on youtube and you sent it out to your database and social media outlets to get more clients?
  • And if you are recording videos, how often? Weekly?
  • When was the last time you gave a live presentation to a group of prospective clients? How often are you doing these presentations?
  • When was the last time you wrote an article (or a great blog post) and sent it to your database and promoted to your social media outlets?
  • When was the last time you created and delivered a webinar to prospective clients?
  • When was the last time you were interviewed or you interview someone in your industry about your topic?

After I am done with these and other questions, some of the audience members are NOT so sure anymore. Maybe they don’t believe that much because they are not doing these activities.

If you follow InfluenceOlogy for awhile you know that I am an ADVOCATE for presentations (public speaking, video presentation, webinars, face to face presentation, etc). I believe that, as an expert, it is your job to communicate YOUR message to as many qualified prospects as possible.

During the last 2 weeks I have had several conversations with an array of entrepreneurs, some achieving better results than others, then it dawn on me that the ones that are reaping the biggest rewards right now are the ones who believe MORE in their messages than anybody else. And because they intrinsically believe more, they communicate it to more people, and they do it very effectively as well.

Obviously that make sense, right?

Think about it.

If you knew there are thousands of people that are struggling in one area of their lives (e.g., real estate, health, mindset, marketing, etc) and you KNOW you have a program to help them, how often would you communicate your solution to these groups? How much passion would you use in your communication? How consistent would you be with your message knowing there are thousands of people waiting for you to help them? What is the option? What if you don’t communicate? Are you going to let them struggle? Or even worse, are you going to allow someone else who cares less than you do and knows less about the subject than you do to try to help them? Of course NOT.

You are going to communicate as persuasive and as often as you can, right? That is my point! People who believe in their messages communicate more than the ones who don’t. Period.

We are all humans and often life and business gets in our way. If you ever struggled a little to communicate your message with passion or to be consistent with your "one to many" communication efforts (public speaking, video marketing, webinars, writing, etc) you are not alone. I struggled myself too. Here are the 7 ways that I get my "communication mojo" back and super-charge my beliefs about sharing my message to groups of people.

  1. Understand that believing in yourself and believing in your message are two different things:You can be an extremely confident person, but if you don’t believe in your product, service, culture, or message, it will not work (maybe short term, but long term it will never work).
  2. Believe in the believers: Create a habit of going over the testimonials your clients gave you, the cases studies you have documented and the empowering conversations you had with your clients who believe in your message. Challenging times can take your certainty away. Focusing on the impact your message has created in someones life is a great way to reignite that certainty and passion.
  3. Become an advocate: Take your belief and passion to the next level by becoming an advocate for a cause. Become an advocate for an industry. Having a message bigger than yourself is a great motivator. Learn from Tom shoes, who have a cause bigger than selling shoes. "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shows to a child in need. One of one."
  4. Create "you" messages instead of "me" messages: Your audience will not listen to you, follow you, share your message and refer you business if all you do is to talk about how awesome you are. Your message must be "you" focused (audience focused) and provide relevant information that can help your audience. Every time InfluenceOlogy creates messages, we ask ourselves: Is this message relevant? Is this message going to help our clients? Is this message unique? It this message going to cause them to do something different and improve their condition?
  5. Don’t outsource your message: Nobody knows everything or can do everything. We need help. I believe in outsourcing. In my opinion there are several functions in the business we must outsource (technology, accounting, design, etc). However, I do believe that you should not outsource your messaging. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you should be the one communicating your expertise to your market. This rule even applies to big corporations, remember Steve jobs and his famous keynotes?
  6. Become a flexible presenter: During the Eldeman Trust Barometer 2012, thousands of people were asked "How many times in general do you need to hear something about a specific company to believe that information is likely to be true?" For 63% of the respondents, takes 3 – 5 times. To be effective you have to increase the frequency of your communication and change how your message is being delivered. My suggestion is communicate your message using different mediums: public speaking, blogging, video marketing, special reports, etc. Remember, repetition increases believability.
  7. Make a decision: Find a way to be passioned about your message, or find a way to communicate another message that you believe in. Don’t play the scarcity game saying "I don’ like my current job but I need to stay here because I have bills to pay". Guess what, everybody in the world has bills to pay, you are not alone. yet, there are lot of people that FOUND A WAY to communicate a message they love, why not you? The solution is simple:

a) Make a decision today to change how you "see" your current situation and become passionated about your message and about the human being that you are serving (your clients). If that does not work than go to option b.

b) Make a decision to change your current situation. Find a way. I do believe that you will have a much better success rate communicating a message that you believe in and you are passionate about (plus you will be way more fulfilled).

I am curious to know your opinion. Do you think that it is possible for someone to be successful in their careers ($, awards, several success stories, etc) and personal fulfilled (happy) at the same time communicating a message they are NOT passionate about? What do you think?


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