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Dear 10X Business Builder,

I love learning foreign languages.

I think it all started because I learned a second language when I was young.  My middle school was one that offered French and Spanish in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

I chose to study French.

I studied French virtually every day for the next 3 years and became quite proficient.  (I believe because I was so young, my ability to learn it was quite high)

I learned all about ‘boot’ verbs, regular and irregular verbs and about different conjugations.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I was actually learning a framework to learn other languages.

When I was 20 years old, I worked at a car wash in Tempe Arizona.

Where I worked, there were mostly illegal’s from South America working there.  Most were not able to speak english.

I took that opportunity to teach myself Spanish — it was like an immersion in Spanish.

I learned a new word or verb everyday for 2 years.  I found Spanish was quite easy for me to pick up because of the ‘frameworks’ I had learned during my middle school years.

As it turns out, most romance languages use the same ‘framework’.  The only major difference is pronunciation of the alphabet and the conjugations…  but the framework is the same.

Currently, I am studying Portuguese twice a week and my professor is very impressed with how fast I have been able to grasp this language that I wasn’t able to speak a word of when we first began.

That is the power of knowing a framework.

This is one of the reasons that we teach frameworks for learning how to organize presentations.

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a technical presentation, a video presentation or delivering a live talk, if you have an underlying framework to do this — you’ll find it remarkably faster and easier to do it.

There is something magical about being able to communicate in a foreign language… having the ability to connect with someone, who you otherwise would not be able to is an amazing feeling.

The same holds true when doing presentations.  The feeling you have when you are able to communicate your message and connect with more people on a deeper level because you know a powerful framework is extremely empowering.

The confidence that you get when you know you can walk into a room and cause people to take action and make decisions, just because of the way you chose and organized your words is amazing.


Jeff Paro
Editor, The 10X Business Letter

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