Do You Suffer from Low____,?

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


Yesterday I went to a sales training here in San Diego to learn new ideas.

The speaker (I will keep private to respect his name and brand) presented for 1 hour on sales strategies.

The room had 50 sales executives, a very educated (and qualified) audience looking to learn new ideas.

The presenter had 20 plus years of sales experience and now he does sales coaching and consulting. He just came out with a new book about sales performance, which he offered at the end of his talk.

Question: Did he sell a lot of books?

Before I tell you, let me give you some additional info:

  • His content was really good
  • He had a lot of credibility
  • His slides were well put together
  • The training room was superb
  • He had time to speak (full 1 hour)
  • He was introduced properly
  • His company had a very cool name
  • His audience was composed of sales professionals who are making money (does not get better than that)
  • He appeared to be confident
  • His presentation was well organized
  • He told stories
  • He addressed the most common problems and offered solutions for them
  • The books were extremely affordable

Answer: No, he did not sell a lot of books. Now, I LOVE BOOKS but I did not buy his book, neither did my friend who invited me to the event (he loves books too).

What happened?

There was something missing. The problem was “how” he was delivering the information. The presenter was what we call at InfluenceOlogy, “mono-energetic” (when a presenter speaks at the same level of energy during the entire time).

Because we are so used to watch entertaining media like TV, videos, movies, etc, when we encounter a mono-energetic presenter, we usually tune out (or at least have a hard time getting excited about his or her ideas).

The key point here is this: Delivery skills are extremely important when presenting information, regardless of the presentation context (video, one on one, public speaking, webinar, etc). Delivery skills are things like:

  • Eye contact
  • Body Language
  • Walking
  • Spatial Anchoring
  • Filler words
  • Pauses
  • Volume
  • Tempo
  • Energy Level

The last item on the list, energy level, is the one I want to help you with today, because is one of the components that even the most experienced presenters don’t know how to do very well.

In this video you will learn the strategies I use (and teach our coaching clients) to manage their energy when conducting presentations.

Integrate these ideas and you will be more charismatic during your next presentation

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