The Dead Honest Truth on How To Make Your Audience Participate

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San Diego, Ca

Dear 10X Business Builder,

If you want to win the presentation game, you have to set the right frames.

Please, write this down: your job as an influencer is to manage the energy of the room.

If you can’t manage the energy in the room and get the audience to “feel” different emotions during your presentation, you will have a hard time moving your audience into action at the end of your talk.

Advanced influencers know that audience engagement leads to better conversions.

However, there is a secret to audience engagement… it is framing.

Do you want your audience’s attention and interest? Do you want an audience that is involved during your entire presentation? Do you want them to take action at the end of your speech? Then you have to “set up” the need for them to engage with you.

In this video you will discover a public speaking technique called the “participation pre-frame”.

Implement this public speaking tip and you will improve your closing ratio immediately.

P.S. Want more on how to pre frame your talks? Check out our online module, Presentation Structures here.

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