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[Interview] Business Innovators Radio | Confidence

I was recently interviewed by Ana Rosenberg of Business Innovators Radio on the subject of Confidence. In this short interview you’ll discover: What is confidence to me (Roberto)? Why purpose and reason for speaking is so important. A common pitfall to avoid: having this belief guarantees anxiety and ruins confidence. What’s possible no matter where you…

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Judging the Fear of Judgment

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca Warm 72 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Judgment: when someone forms an opinion about you. Fear of being judged: When someone is afraid of being judged by someone else. Fear of being judged in business and life: When you allow this fear of being judged stop you from…

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Pot holes and Confidence.

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca Drizzly 63 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People think that successful people are just born confident or that they are absent of fear but that simple is not true.  The difference between someone that is perceived as confidence and someone that is meek is how the perceive their fears. Roberto created a video explaining…

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