How to Create Persuasive Chunks

10X Business Letter
May 8th, 2013
San Diego, Ca
Cloudy 57 Degrees

Dear 10X Business Builder,

You are invited to speak about your business to a group of prospective clients…

They gave you 45 minutes and you spend a lot of time preparing your talk.

It is presentation day and you’re fired up.

You arrive early and you wait anxiously to ‘get it over with’…

However, 10 minutes before your talk, the person who invited you to speak tells you:

“I am sorry, but our meeting ran a little over. You only have 15 minutes to present”

What do you do?

…Do you panic?

…Do you change your entire talk?

…Do you forget about your presentation and speak impromptu?

If you built your presentation using InfluenceOlogy’s Persuasive Chunks, you don’t have to worry about it.  You just remove a chunk or two and you are ready to rock.

In this video you will discover exactly how we build persuasive chunks for our presentations



Jeff Paro
The 10X Business Letter

PS: We go really deep into persuasive chunks in our program “structures” at


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