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Dear 10X Business Builder,

While it’s an undeniable fact that any kind of speaking will to be a positive thing… (branding, awareness, possible product sales) not all speaking is equal.

Some people take the speaking opportunity and put little thought or effort into it and then hope for the best.

And others (perhaps even more), accept the opportunity, dread it’s arrival and then thank god when it’s finally over.

Those types of speaker’s are chumps.

They just speak to speak.

There is a difference between those that speak to speak (Speakers) and those that speak to transform (Influencers).

Influencers don’t take the opportunity to just say words, they look at it as an opportunity to really impact, influence and change lives and minds — and they’re will to do what it takes to make that a reality.

Speaker Vs Influencer

Informing Vs. Transforming

Focused on Self Vs. Devoted to audience

No prep Vs. Focused Practise

Changes own mind Vs. Changes Audience Mind

I’ll point out that when writing and talking we often use the word the speaker. It’s not because we are incongruent, it’s simply because most people don’t understand what an “influencer” is. (Only you our trusted follower).

So please don’t reply and tell me that Roberto said he’s a speaker or that you saw an advertisement or email of ours promising to become a better speaker.

All of our marketing and communications would be less effective if we didn’t meet our prospects at their current model of the world.

But you, dear 10X subscriber, you now know the difference between a chump (speaker) and a champ (influencer).

Defending Champ,

Jeff Paro

Editor, The 10X Business Letter

Co-Founder, Influenceology

PS: If you’re more on the chump side of this equation and want to become a champ. We have a whole site dedicated to helping you become THE influencer in your marketplace. It’s all you need to and you can access it now.

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