Bad news: Trying to get to home plate on first date

10X Business Letter 

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Dear 10X Business Builder,


STOP!  I don’t care about your lowest rates of the century, your flash sale, your limited time offer, your new process. 


Oh you offer acupuncture now? Big Whoop.


Stop begging me to join your program and dangling useless carrots in front of me. 


^^^^ that is the train of thought of your prospects when you rudely just torpedo salesy/boring messages in their inbox. 


Think about your inbox.  Who gets deleted and who do you keep?  I personally delete anyone I don’t recognize, didn’t download something from or haven’t bought something from. 


I especially delete the ones who constantly ping me with sales messages and offer nothing of value. 


And if you want to really make me go bananas, don’t have a way for me to politely exit your list.  


There are some seriously ill-mannered mofos out there.  I have actually had people re-add me AFTER I have OPT-ED out. 


And just because you opted into my list, doesn’t mean you can put me on yours. 




That’s clown behavior. 


Build a relationship by wooing your audience.  Offer some value, key insights and entertain your list.  Let your list get to know your personality; your quirks, flaws, life views. Ultimately people buy from people they like.


It’s like the old analogy of dating. 


We all know what the “Sale” is in that analogy and you wouldn’t dare ask for the sale from someone who doesn’t know, like and trust you…. (unless you’re drunk). 


And some advertisers must be on a good one.


In my inbox right now, I have an email that consists of a picture that says “15% off sale”. 


THAT’S IT! Big freaking deal.


I don’t know who you are, PAT.  I don’t know what you’re about or if I like you. 


And I don’t need your stoopid Internet marketing program.  


Learning email marketing and how to follow up with your prospects IS part of the speaking game.  You’re never going to go just speak to sell. 


Many times, it will be just to get leads and then you will have to follow up with them and try to convert them to sale afterwards.  This requires starting to build a relationship. 


This email is perfect example of how to do it.  


Learn from it, study it and use it in your marketing. 


If you would like to speed up the process join The Influence Academy to get a jump start on your follow up game.


Jeff Paro

Editor, The 10X Business Letter  

Co-Founder, Influenceology

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