3 Quick Questions to Improve your Closing Ratios

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Dear 10x Business Builder,

Did you know that around 90% of our decision making is done by our subconscious minds?

This means 90% of the time, our minds decide, and tell us after. How does this affect our desired outcomes when we are speaking or presenting?

If your subconscious has predetermined you will not receive the results you are after, you cannot expect to see them.

Watch this short video to learn 3 powerful questions to consciously ask yourself before presenting to a group of ANY size.

Having this internal dialogue prior to any speaking engagement will guarantee to put any negative subconscious thoughts to rest and open yourself up to receive.

Roberto Monaco
Contributor, The 10x Business Letter
Co-founder, Influenceology

P.S. If you want more on how to make sure your mindset is that of a Master Influencer, check out this online course “10 Beliefs of a Master Influencer.”

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