Who do you have to be in order to experience your dreams?

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Dear 10X Business Builder,

“Your Identity is the most important possession. Protect it.” – Elastic girl, The Incredibles

Recently I gave a talk to nearly 2,000 professionals in the Real Estate market in San Diego, CA  and the subject of my presentation was how your Identity impacts your results.

I got curious to study this subject because when I changed careers from being a Banker to becoming a speaker/sales person I struggled big time. For 8 straight months I had the worst sales numbers of the entire organization.

When I look back at that experience, I believe that the major contributing factor for my poor performance was my identity. Even though I had learned the skills to present and to sell, I was still attached to my old identity as a banker. In other words, even though the audience saw me a as speaker who was providing value and promoting an event, in my mind I saw myself as a banker and not as a professional sales person (that is why I could now sell).

During my journey, I noticed that identity impacts everybody in every context of life, and that is why I am so passionate to talk about this subject. I was so fired up after my recent talk that I decided to record these 2 quick videos for you.

Watch these 2 videos and learn some of the ideas I shared during my latest talk:

Identity: You define who you really are

The Oprah Close: 1 thing more important than persuasive language

Roberto Monaco
Contributor,  The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

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