[Video] “7 Ways to Transform Pause into Influence Part 5”

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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Today you will discover a very simple strategy to transform pauses into influence when conducting power point or keynote presentations. 

Presenting with slides (power-point or keynote) can be tricky and many presenters are terrible at…

One of the mistakes that I see presenters do is “read out loud” the text contained in the slides while the audience is trying to read in silence the same information…I personally have committed this mistake and I am very aware that it is really bad…..


  • the audience can read faster then the presenter can talk, so it gets boring very fast
  • the presenter is unconsciously sending this message to the audience “you don’t know how to read, so let me read it out loud to you, word by word, so you can understand it”
  • the presenter doesn’t understand that the audience is formed of different people with various reading speeds. What if your audience is comprised of people who have taken speed reading classes? What if some of people in the audience know English as their second or third language and can not read as fast?
  • the presenter, in most cases, has to turn his back to the audience because he feels the need to read word by word and he ends up loosing connection with the audience

…You may be thinking, “but Roberto, sometimes there is NO way around it…I have to read it…I have to read my slides because:


…I am referring to a specific study and I have to cite it accurately


…I am quoting a leader or expert in the field


…I am reading a testimonial from my client”


I understand and I appreciate your desire to educate and serve your audience…BUT I know that for most (not all) persuasive presentations, the more reading you do during your talk, the less persuasive your talk becomes (with very few exceptions). 

So what can you do about it? 

Before you apply the “pausing” strategy, make sure:

  • you transform as much text as you can into pictures or graphs
  • you edit down the remaining text, in some cases, transforming phrases into words
  • you create an extra document (attachment) to give to the audience as a take away reference once the presentation is over (in case you need to give studies,etc)

Once you have done everything you can to eliminate long text from your slides, then you can apply the “pausing strategy”. Here is how you do it:

  • you frame the slide (you can say something like “I want you guys to read this…and (pause), or “this is a really important point….(pause)”
  • You give the audience a chance to read the slides
  • You comment on it – add something more to it, ask a question or make a relevant point about the slide
Here is the video:

Roberto Monaco 
The 10X Business Letter 
Co-Founder, Influenceology


P.S. Pauses are one of the most powerful delivery tools to make your presentation more effective. If you want even more tools to add to your belt, check out our Delivery Module HERE!

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