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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Why did I bring a puppet to my latest TV appearance at the Craig Sewing’s American Dream show.


Because I want to make sure people remember my point!

You may be asking yourself: what point?

That you can change your mindset super fast and you can make it last for a long time.

I know you may not agree with me, but I do believe that someone can change his or her beliefs fast and make them last. We see people changing their beliefs about public speaking in our Influencing From The Front classes every single time we do an event, no exception.

The KEY is to realize that you have the power to “hold” a thought, belief or idea in your mind for as long as you want.

Some people hold in their minds beliefs like “I am not a great speaker” , “I am too afraid to speak” or “I do not have a story to tell” for 10 years.

They do not realize that the same power that holds that negative belief for 10 years can be used to hold a new, positive and life-changing belief for the next 10 years and beyond.

Once you understand that you have this power available to you, you become free to change the content of your thought, belief or idea and “hold it” for as long as you want.

This principle, followed by massive amounts of action, is the key to change anything.

Here is the video of my segment during the Craig’s Sewing American Dream Show

Speak soon, (Seriously! you should!)

Roberto Monaco
Contributor, The 10x Business Letter
Co-founder, Influenceology

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