Public Speaking Skills

Don’t be a Parrot or a Clown

10X Business Letter Camano Island, Wa About to Snow 36 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, The mimic method.  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s a method for learning a new language — fast . It’s the brainchild of Idahosa Ness. The premise is this: the fastest, most natural way to learn a foreign language…

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Cultivating a Sense of Urgency

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca Pleasant 75 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Why do most change efforts fail? Why do most people know they have to change but they don’t? Why do companies spend a TON of cash in training to help their teams to improve sales, leadership and customer service without much…

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What would you do?

10X Business Letter San Diego, Ca Mostly Cloudy 58 Degrees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear 10X Business Builder, Picture this: Someone invites you to do a presentation and the situation is like this: 1,000 people in a room Some of these people could become potential clients eventually You only get 15 minutes on the stage You can NOT sell…

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