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Dear 10X Business Builder,

The world of belief systems is fascinating. Some of the beliefs we have can empower us to become better leaders, like “I believe there is always a way when I am committed”, or we can have beliefs that can stop us from taking action, like “nobody is interested in hearing my story”.

Most of us can identify these kinds of beliefs that can empower or disempower us, that is simple, and, like many experts suggest, once we become aware of them we can start the process of change.

The tricky part is that when someone has a belief that he or she thinks is really helpful, but, when you stop to analyze it, it is the major reason someone is not moving ahead in life.

This situation happened recently with a professional that had this massive fear of speaking. When I asked him about what he believed about public speaking he said: I believe that every time I speak, I have to deliver the perfect performance.

Most people are not aware, but the idea that you have to deliver a “perfect performance” is one of the most anxiety-causing beliefs you can have.


It’s simple: Perfection is an unrealistic standard, show me the best talk you heard and I will show you MULTIPLE ways to improve it. Any talk can be improved.

When you have the belief and expectations of a “perfect performance”… YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO FAIL.

… because every belief has a rule, if X, then Y.

If I want love, praise and acceptance (X) then I must have a perfect performance (Y). That can be flipped too, a rule (belief) that says, If I don’t have a perfect perfect performance (X) then I’m … not good enough/ liked/ a failure (X)

You and I are in the business of group communication and influence. In this video I share with you the belief that has caused me to speak more than 4,100 times (and counting) and record more 500 videos (and counting). This belief has also helped thousands of people in our network.

Here is the video

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