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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Years ago I was hired to coach a speaker that was promoting a seminar and was experiencing poor sales conversions.

Before I went to see her presentation, I did some research on her background and I learned that she was a teacher at university for many years. I thought to myself: “she has a lot of speaking experience, I am wondering why her sales numbers are low…”

I went to one of her live presentations to see her talk and the reaction of the audience when she closed for business. The talk started off really great and the overall presentation was engaging, relevant, and easy to follow, BUT when it came to the close her energy dropped dramatically. It felt like there were two presenters up there, one that spoke before the close and one who closed the talk! Obviously the sales were poor during that talk as well.

Because her presentation was scripted and I was familiar the script, I knew that the problem was not “the words she was saying”.

After the talk was over, we went to get a cup of coffee to discuss her performance. One of the first questions that I asked her was:

What do you believe about selling from the front of the room? She said: I am not afraid of speaking, I actually love it! However, when I transition to my close I feel super uncomfortable, I actually hate closing!

In a nutshell, she loves speaking and hates closing, do you know anybody who feels the same way?

After a 2 hour-coaching session, she walked away with a new and positive belief about closing from the front of the room and she immediately started improving her sales!!! Not only did she become a very successful closer, but she went on to enjoy closing because she did 3 specific things:

a) Adopted a new belief: Her new belief was: “My message starts when my presentation ends. The close of the presentation is how I really help people” b) Transformed the new belief into skills: she started intensively studying closing and influencing skills. c) Implemented the new skills: obviously the most important part, she implemented the new skills into her talks.

Just like her, everybody can follow these 3-step process to improve sales performance. Every behavior in persuasion is belief-driven! Adopting a new belief and acting on it (lots of action) is how we improve results!

In my 14 year speaking career I have developed some beliefs that have helped me propel my career further.

In this 1-minute video you will discover 10 beliefs about success, speaking and life that have impacted me tremendous

Speak soon, (Seriously! you should!)

Roberto Monaco

Contributor, The 10x Business Letter 
Co-founder, Influenceology

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