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Dear 10X Business Builder,


You ever have those days when you feel like giving up…


… just saying ‘screw it!… I quit’!? 


If you’re breathing air, I know you have.  We all have. 


But, if there is one thing that I’ve learned as my whiskers have greyed, is that frustration, that desire to whine and complain … can be gone in a nano second if you do ONE thing. 


This one thing is Simple.


It works Fast.


It’s Free.


And works EVERY TIME. 


What is this one thing? 


Look at someone who has a real problem…. that has the right to complain. (though, it’s interesting, often many of them don’t)


For example: 


>>> the trapped families that are being bombed in Aleppo.


>>>  The person that has been diagnosed with a terminal disease (the late Craig Sager comes to mind).


>>> The Vets that have been debilitated protecting our country.


I could go on and on with these types of examples, but I think you get the point. 


When you stop to think about it this way, do you really have a problem?  Could you find something to be grateful about? 


Sure, in the moment, it feels like it’s a bigger problem than it is, but having the emotional intelligence and awareness to stop and change your perspective, is how you begin to master your emotions. 


It’s a skill.


And like any skill, you have to practice to improve


So the next time you start to get frustrated, negative and whiny… pause and think about how blessed you are to have such a quality problem… and


Stop complaining.


GM of the Complaint Dept.,


Jeff Paro

Editor, The 10X Business Letter  

Co-Founder, Influenceology


PS: If being able to master your psychology at all interests you then I would recommend you check out The Psychology of a Master Influencer.  We only have one set of beliefs and they run every part of our life and when you begin to understand how you can change the beliefs you don’t like; every area of your life changes. 

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