Cultivating a Sense of Urgency

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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Why do most change efforts fail?

Why do most people know they have to change but they don’t?

Why do companies spend a TON of cash in training to help their teams to improve sales, leadership and customer service without much success?

According to the Harvard professor Dr. John Paul Kotter it is because people lack a strong sense of urgency. In his book, a Sense Of Urgency, he states:

“change efforts most often fail when change agents did not create a high enough sense of urgency among enough people to set the stage for making a challenging leap in some new direction”

I agree with him. You can hear it in people’s languages as well:

  • We tried to generate more leads but it did not work out…
  • I started doing more videos but then I stopped for some reason..
  • I started this exercise program a couple months ago and I was doing fine but I got super busy…
  • I read a book about following my passion, got excited, but I never did anything about it…
  • I went to that seminar, learned a ton, but I did not have the time to implement the ideas yet..

You get the gist of it.

Urgency is KEY!!!

Urgency, defined by Webster dictionary as the “state that requires immediate action” is one thing that you must learn how to cultivate in order to achieve higher success in all areas of your life.

  • I have urgency to improve my health.
  • I have urgency to invest time into my relationships.
  • I have urgency to achieve our business goals.
  • I have massive urgency TO speak and WHEN I speak, because, deep down, I know lives are at stake

It really saddens me to see professionals that have a life-changing offer, product or service that do not have urgency to communicate their message to their communities. They allow complacency to take over their lives and they start blaming everything or everyone else (I can not take more clients, speaking is not for me, speaking does not work, I have a referral only business, etc)

From my heart to yours, if you believe 100% that your message, product or service can change people’s lives for they better, and you know in your heart that you and your team can help more people, embrace urgency in everything you do. Have massive urgency to get your message out.

Here is a quick video I recorded about creating this sense of urgency:

Roberto Monaco
The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

PS: You know that speaking with persuasion influence will dramatically help you grow your business.  Create some urgency now and attend an upcoming event.

Do it today.  Do it now!

There are many things that happen to our clients after attending our Influencing From The Front programs, 2 of which are: 1) they dramatically increase their urgency to speak 2) they learn how to create urgency during their talks so their audiences take action.

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