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Dear 10X Business Builder,

In this video you will discover a very cool strategy that advertisers use when creating ads, including SuperBowl Commercials. You can apply this strategy to improve your video Marketing.

The strategy is to use the 3 S’s of professional film making to make your videos more engaging.

To simplify, the “3s” are:

The First S is for Sequence
A Sequence is a series of events that combined tell your story. For example, let’s say the story I want to tell is about someone that is going to the gym, then running outside in a park and then jumping in the pool. That is my overall story and my sequence of events.

The Second S is for Scene
A sequence has several scenes. A scene is an event that takes place entirely in one location or time. In our example here, you can have different scenes at the park, like a scene showing a person running on a trail,  a scene by the picnic table, a scene by the rock garden, another scene by the other picnic table, or by the bench.

And the Third S is for Shot
A Shot is just one single image. If there is a cut, there is a shot. Usually, you have several shots in a scene. For example, we can get the “garden scene” in the park and have several shots describing one specific  scene. In this quick example I have several shots focusing on one specific plant, I can zoom in, zoom out, move sideways, move the camera up and down, etc.

Why is this important to you?

Because when you use different sequences, scenes and shots you:

  • Tell a story that is really engaging
  • Grab your audience’s focus, which is huge
  • Communicate more in less time

I want to give you some example that top notch advertisers used when creating the Super bowl commercials below.

To simplify, I just counted how many unique cuts these commercials have, either cutting to a different scene or cutting to a different shot. In other words, in a 1 minute commercial, how many times they “cut” and showed you something different (a different shot or a different scene)

Here are the Superbowl commercials:

How do you use this information?

By applying the 10 Second Rule.

When you are doing Video Marketing, try to cut your video every 10-seconds and show something that will add value to your overall story. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a different shot in the same scene
  • Show different scenes, for example “the gym” and “the pool”
  • Show a video with no sound to add to the point you are making
  • You can cut and use a picture
  • Or you can cut and show text

The idea it to cut and show something that will ADD to your overall video and help you communicate a story that is more engaging and that grabs your audience’s attention….


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  1. patrick on March 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Thanks for the tips. Videos have become a big part of the internet marketing industry.

    • Jeff Paro on June 24, 2013 at 10:05 am

      Hey Patrick! Not sure how I didn't see your comment for so long!  Thanks for stopping by! ~ Jeff

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