8 year crazy ride. (take a ride with us)

Look at us, just a couple of wild and crazy guys.


[Editor’s Note: Roberto no longer drinks Energy drinks or Diet Soda]

This video was taken 8 years ago!!!  We were still in our dirty 30’s. (1 of us, just barely)

My my, how times have changed.

8 years ago from today marks the beginning of our journey of launching and growing Influenceology.

I can’t help but chuckle watching this video.  The pure joy, energy, happiness and the promise of a brighter future emotes from us.

Ahhh… ignorance is bliss.

We had NO clue what we were in for. The brutal reality of what it really takes to launch a successful business hadn’t slapped us in the face yet.

Like most entrepreneurs, we over estimated what we could do in 1 year 3 years and under estimated what we were capable of in 8 years.


[Editor’s note: Roberto has returned to his daily prayer sessions, though most that International doesn’t get relegated)

Part of the journey into to unknown is doing things for the first time and making mistakes.  A couple that come to mind:

> When Roberto was learning how to do the arrow break (breaking an arrow on your throat) and he called me so frustrated because ‘no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t break it’.   And later discovering that he had bought a real hunting arrow made of acrylic, instead of one made of soft wood.

> One time I sent out an email with a date change of date to all of the attendees, EXCEPT 2.  And they arrived in San Diego from Texas expecting an event to happen.  So Roberto and I delivered a 3 day IFF for just 2 people.

> Another time Roberto went to mexico to deliver a talk in spanish and they couldn’t understand him, so he was pulled from the stage (he redeemed himself with his resilience, but that’s another story).

>When I gave a talk on SEO and sold tickets at the end for a public speaking event.

As I think back to the ups and downs of our Journey I can’t help but smile because… well, that’s just what we do.

…. when the times were good — we smiled.

…. and when the times were bad — we smiled.

It’s been a characteristic that has forged our business and our personal relationship — the ability to just laugh and make fun of even the most dire of situations.

It’s something that I’m particularly proud of, especially in a business partnership, where finger pointing tends to bring business relationships crashing to a halt.

Never had that problem. Ever.

One time, we literally had less than $100 in the bank account.  I can remember taking a screenshot of it and showing to Roberto and we both just laughed at the direness of the situation.  Unfortunately I lost that picture with a cell phone mishap but I will never forget the moment.

Though, I couldn’t find the screenshot of our bank account that day.  I pulled up various pictures and videos from the past 8 years.

I’d like to share them with you because, it’s YOU that’s allowed us to go on this journey and the reason that we have become what we are today.

We have met so many (excuse my french) F*CKING AMAZING PEOPLE!!! It’s truly been an honor.

We have learned so much and gotten so much back from you than we have ever given.

So thank you!

I hope you enjoy watching/seeing these videos and pictures, as much as I did reliving them. (it was excruciating to post some of these, but I think you’ll get a laugh)


To another 8 and more,

Jeff Paro

PS: If you haven’t become part of the Influenceology family, check out one of our upcoming events (chiro, business speaker) or a digital products.

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