[Video Series] Speak With Confidence – Part 2

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“Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” Vince Lombardi

Dear 10X Business Builder,

In this video Roberto continues with our series “Speak with Confidence”. More specifically, the great Rooooberto T. Monaco is going to show how you can:

  • Eliminate the FUNDA (fear, uncertainty, nervousness, doubt and anxiety) when presenting
  • Learn how to have the correct expectations so that you communicate with confidence in front of any audience


Jeff Paro
Publisher, The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to our Speak With Confidence series. This is your friend here, Roberto Monaco with Influenceology.

In this video, video number 2, we’ll be talking about the following strategy: how to set up the right expectations when we present. What I’ve found is that the person who experienced fear, uncertainty, doubt and anxiety, they have their own expectations when they’re presenting. My job today in this video is to help that person, maybe it’s you or maybe it’s someone you know, to transform that expectation so that they speak with unstoppable confidence in front of one person, 10 people, 100, 1,000 it doesn’t matter. In the realm of setting the right expectations, there’s 3 things to talk about:

Number 1: you have to set the right expectations about yourself. What I’ve found is that this person here that has experienced fear is setting up the wrong expectation. They go like this, “When I present, I want to be perfect.” Do you know anybody like that? “I want to be perfect.” Because they have this expectation, by the way, nobody’s perfect, there’s no such thing as a perfect presentation. They set up this goal, this outcome that they will never be able to achieve. They’re always stressing about it. Why? Because I don’t care how good they are, you’ll never ever, ever be perfect. While the influencer, this person here, he wants to become better. He wants to improve. He wants to be awesome, outstanding, extraordinary. Okay?  That person here, is always taking the next level. If you look at their talk, his or her talk, sometimes they make a mistake but they don’t care. Why? Because they know perfection does not exist.

They do have high standards, and they’re always upping the game, they want to become better and better and better. The one thing about these people, is there’s no such thing as “the perfect presenter” or “the perfect talk”. It is an amazing talk, an awesome talk. This person here, “I want to be the perfect presenter, I want to deliver the perfect presentation.” Guess what? You’re going to be struggling for a long time.

The second idea is this one, it’s how to setup the right expectation about your message, about your content of your presentation. Now, this person here is stressing about the content. He is stressing about the message. What happens usually, they keep going deeper and deeper and more technical, more technical, more technical about the message. Eventually, that content could have been good but does not relate to the audience anymore. The audience is like, “I don’t need to know everything.” While this person here, the influencer, provided just enough information to move the audience to action. That person here, the influencer, either, a, delivers a message content to the audience doesn’t know, so by the time they present, the audience is like, “Oh, I didn’t know that,” and they act; or, b, delivers a message the audience already knew but wasn’t act upon it.

Just by being there, by communicating powerfully with influence, the audience is like, “You know what? I knew that but I never took action. Because of you, I’m going to implement my life for now.” That’s the idea here. This person here is obsessing, wants to deliver everything they know. Look, I don’t care how good you are, you cannot teach everything you know in a short presentation. By the way, your audience, they don’t want to know everything. If they want to know everything, they’ll go to Google, they’re going to spend a hundred years researching information. They want to go a shortcut, “the expert”, you. Say, “You know what? I could learn everything I need to know if I go to Google and spend 200 hours, but I don’t want to. I want to come here for an hour and listen to an expert providing a solution.” Your job is just to get all the information … Put them in your system and deliver powerfully. That’s the idea here.

Don’t obsess about the content here. The right expectation is this, again, can I deliver an information that they don’t know, and by the time you educate them, it is going to cause them to take action; or number 2, how can I deliver a message they already know but they’re not doing it, by the time I am done talking, they would be like, “You know? This is good. I heard that in the past but for the first time, someone present it in a way that caused me to want to implement information here.”

The third expectation is this one, it’s how the audience perceives you, the presenter. Now, this person here, the person who is stressing out, who is afraid, is thinking, “You know what? I think the audience wants me to be perfect to I have to be perfect.” You and I both know what? That perfection doesn’t exist. Now, this person is like, “Well, I’m not being perfect. They don’t like me, therefore, they’re going to be judging my information.” While the influencer knows, this is the secret, the influencer, this person knows that in the audience, nobody is perfect and they know that.

I know I’m not perfect. You know you’re not perfect. If they know they’re not perfect, they’re not going to expect you to be perfect, number one. Number two, nobody is crazy enough to go to a talk and say, “You know what? I hope that this guy or this girl is perfect.” Nobody does that. While the audience though wants to go to a presentation and they are thinking, “I hope to get something out of it. I hope to be moved. I hope to get value, I hope to get some ideas I can implement, improve my life. They’re never thinking, “You know what? I hope the presenter, that guy, that girl, is perfect,” right? Doesn’t exist.

The idea is this, the audience wants you to be authentic, wants you to be prepare, so respect their time, and wants you to provide couple of ideas so that they can improve their lives and be real. That’s it. They don’t want you to be perfect. That’s bad conversation. They want you to be real, authentic and provide value to improve their lives.

Now, if you, my friend, wants to use presentations, public speaking, video marketing, webinars, to acquire more patients, more clients, make money, have a more fun life, just go to http://www.influencingfromthefront.com; again, http://www.influencingfromthefront.com and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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