[Video Series] Speak With Confidence – Part 8

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Dear 10X Business Builder,
Have you ever wondered how people can have the same exact experience and feel totally different about it from one another?
You can have two people watch the same movie, read the same book, go to the same party, listen to the same talk and feel opposite of each other, true?
The same rule applies to speaking, presenting and influencing. Some people can’t wait to speak in front of groups of people, they feel super excited about the opportunity.
Other people do whatever they can to avoid speaking in front of a group of people because they don’t feel good about the whole ordeal.
In this video you will discover another great tool to help you (or someone you know) to overcome the Fear, Uncertainty, Nervousness, Doubt and Anxiety (F.U.N.D.A.) of speaking in front a group of people or in front of a camera once and for all.

Roberto Monaco
The 10X Business Letter 
Co-Founder, Influenceology

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to our Speak With Confidence series. This is your buddy Roberto Monaco with InfluenceOlogy. In this video series, you are going to discover how to speak with amazing, unstoppable, unshakable confidence in front of one person, ten people, 100 people, 1,000 people, 10,000 people or if you want to overcome shyness, these ideas work for you as well. Now just in case you have missed our previous videos, there’s a link for you in the end of this video here. Now today, you and I are going to be discussing a very cool strategy called emotional reframing, which is your capacity to change the meaning of your emotions.

Now, by the way, what is the difference between feelings and emotions? Feelings that you have, right, in your body, the sensations and emotions, how you label them. Think about that. That’s a powerful question. Why? Because you have two guys, one is like, I’ll never go skydiving, I’m going to die, super afraid. The other guy goes, dude, I cannot wait to go and gets super excited. How is that possible? The same thing applies to public speaking. Some people are like I will never do it. People are like, oh my God, I cannot wait and I’m super excited to go. How is that possible?

Now you got to understand that your body, more specifically, your brain, is designed to protect yourself, to help you because when in our previous generations, when we were cavemen, imagine this or picture this. Caveman, we’re by ourselves walking our fields then all the sudden you see there’s a strange creature looking at you. One, you’re by yourself. Two, three, no place to hide. Four, you have no guns in your hand. What do you do? Your brain goes, escape. Right? Now when you’re speaking, you’re by yourself, you have no place to hide, no guns and you have strange creatures looking at you. Basically, you are looking at an audience, this is mighty beautiful people and your brain goes, dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur. Get it?

I’m kind of having fun here, but that’s the idea. For 11 years now we have been training people how to grow their businesses using the art and science presentation, 11 years and what I’ve found is that some of our clients have a huge break through when they become aware of these feelings and they change the meaning of it. If you have, for example, a presentation and your heart starts like pounding and you have butterflies and your hands are sweating, what does that mean? I want you to stop and say, okay, this energy, what does that mean?

Usually your brain goes, oh man, I’m not that good, I’m going to be judged, I’m gonna screw up, I’m gonna forget my talk and then you ask yourself, okay, what else could this mean? You want to keep asking yourself, what else could this mean, what else these feelings that I’m experiencing, these sensations in my body, could mean to me, until you find a positive, empowering, awesome meaning. Then show up at the presentation and just like rock the house. Okay? When I have these little butterflies, energy, whatever you want to call, I go, look, let me go.

You know, the little horse, the race horse in the little cage like, let me go. I’m literally like, I want to go because I want to, when the gates open I want to be like boom. Why? Because I believe, my belief system, I have a life changing message for you and for your friends. All right? So this energy that I’m feeling for me is like, hey go time, go time. It’s not like, oh my God, I might forget my talk, oh my God, I’m going to be judged, oh my God, there’s a guy who speaks better than I do, oh this, that’s like no bueno, not good. You want to, you have, look ultimately you have the power 100 percent, the power to determine what those feelings mean to you. Don’t you?

All the time. Maybe you’re not aware of it, but you are 100 percent, every single time, in control of what those feelings mean to you. Now, you may just, you may not be aware and your feelings happen automatically, I get you there. Okay, I understand, I’ll give you that, but then once your feelings take over your body though, you can stop, okay, there are here, what does that mean? What else could this mean and keep asking this question, what else could these feelings mean to me until I can go, it’s go time, time to change lives. It’s time to show my best. It’s time to give you my heart helping these people. It’s time to transform them.

It’s time to move them from point A to point B. This is time to be the best Roberto I can be, right now. Super powerful. Now it takes a little conditioning but it’s super powerful idea. I hope you enjoyed this video tip here. If you want to learn more about using presentations, public speaking, video marketing, influence, storytelling to grow your business, just go to www.influencingfromthefront.com. Again, www.influencingfromthefront.com and if you’re watching this video on YouTube, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? You’re going to subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss our next video. I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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