[Video Series] Speak with Confidence – Part 4

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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Here is the fourth video of our popular NEW series “Speak With Confidence”.

In this particular video, you will discover a very simple principle that has helped many presenters (including myself) to increase their confidence level immediately before their presentation.

In spite of it’s simplicity, this principle will allow you to:

  • Connect with your audience before your presentation
  • Gather “presentation intelligence” so you can adjust your content accordingly
  • Induce the law of social proof
  • And obviously, increase your confidence level

How to Build Confidence Speaking


Roberto Monaco
The 10X Business Letter
Co-Founder, Influenceology

PS – This is just a smidgen of what we teach. If you would like to learn more on how to become a confident presenter, check out our online module, The Psychology of an Influencer HERE!

Video Transcription

Welcome back to our Speak with Confidence series. This is Roberto Monaco with InfluenceOlogy. In this video series, you’re going to discover how to communicate with unstoppable, unshakable, amazing confidence, in front of one person, 10 people, a hundred people, a thousand people. Really, it does not matter the size of the audience.

In this video here, video number four, we’re going to be discussing a very cool strategy to help you increase your confidence. Before I reveal that to you, just in case you missed videos one, two and three, I have included a link for you in the end of this video.

“Roberto, what is the strategy?” Very simple, connecting with your audience right before your presentation. That is different than preparing your talk. Obviously when you have a presentation, a talk, a training, you would have spend some time preparing for the event. Maybe you want to interview some audience members, you want to send out some surveys to learn more about their goals, hopes, problems, challenges. You want to interview the meeting organizer. That’s what I call, presentation preparation. What I’m talking about today in this video here is different.

You already have the presentation ready, you show up in the meeting and maybe half an hour before, 10 minutes before, or 45 minutes before, I want you to connect the audience and ask at least these 3 questions that I’m going to share with you. Before I share these questions with you, let me tell you why I think this strategy is so important, by the way, most presenters they don’t do that.

Number one, because when you connect with the audience members, you have the feeling of rapport connection. Now, when you go actually to speak on stage, or you start presenting, all those negative emotions, the fear, uncertainty, that anxiety, decrease because you already have some friends in the audience. You already feel like you know people in the audience, it gives you peace of mind.
The second reason, is because every single time you ask these questions, you’re going to gather some presentation intelligence which allow you to customize the presentation. You may add an extra story, you may remove one story, you may add a fact, you may remove a fact. By the way, I’ve done this a hundred of times, and it’s super powerful.

The third reason is because, when you ask the right questions, you may find someone in the audience, who already is a big supporter of your topic and then you can use the person in your presentation. I’m going to give you an example. One day I was presenting video marketing, so I asked this question, I asked this gentleman, “What has been your experience with video marketing so far?” This gentleman said, “Roberto, I’ve been using it for 5 years, I love it. I make money with the video and I came here to learn more.” Now, I have this conversation and in the end of it I said, “Do you mind if I mention our conversation in the stage.” The guy goes, “No, of course not.” During my talk I said, “By the way, Bob there, he’s using video, he’s very successful.” See, I’m using the audience member to add social proof to my message. Super, super powerful.

Roberto please tell me, what kind if questions should I ask? The first question that you’re going to ask today is this one, if you could learn one strategy today that would dramatically improve your business or your personal life, what would it be? Obviously, I’m assuming here that you already know how to build up a rapport with someone and feel that connection. Once you get to know the person a little bit and you feel like you already have the connection then you ask this question. It’s really important because now we know that someone tells, “Hey, I came here to learn XYZ.” Let’s say you were not going to cover that in presentation, then you may still have a chance to add to presentation.

What I’ve learned from my experience after 11 years and 3,300 talks, that if I’m doing a presentation in video marketing, when I ask this question, people are not going to tell me, “Roberto, I came here because I want to learn to lose weight.” They already know the context of the talk. Anyway it’s super important because you learn about the person major outcome for a talk.

The second question, this one, what has been your experience with ‘blank’ so far? ‘Blank’ is your topic. Just plug in your topic, I plug in my topic. Let’s say for example, I’m doing a talk on public speaking, or how to grow your business with public speaking, I’d say, “What has been your experience with public speaking so far?” Someone can tell me, “Roberto, I haven’t spoken yet, don’t know anything about it, so I’m here to learn.” Someone can tell me, “Roberto, I’ve been speaking for the last 10 years, I love it, I came here because I want to learn more.” Now I get this presentation intelligence and I can adjust my content. Now I know I got to put some advanced strategies in my talk, or I want to remove this story, I want to add this story.

Not only that, I can learn about someone’s attitude towards my topic. Let’s say I ask this question to a person and they tell me, “No Roberto, I came here because my boss send me here. I hate public speaking.” Now I’m like, “Okay, I want to ask why don’t you like public speaking?” One I’ve learned the person’s objections, so during my talk, I cannot address and reframe it, got it. I love this question.

Third question, what is preventing you, if anything from successfully implementing, ‘blank’ … My topic, your topic, in your business? For example, let’s say I’m talking about marketing, you can say, what is preventing you, if anything from successfully implementing marketing in your business? They can tell me, “No time, I don’t know how, no money.” Now, I can get the barrier, I explore it a little bit and address in my presentation. Follow me?

Ultimately guys, when you ask these 3 questions, you’re going to learn about someone’s goal, someone’s attitude towards your topic and someone’s barrier, which is super powerful. Quick recap here. First question you ask is, hey, if you could learn one major strategy today that could dramatically improve your business or your life, what would it be? A goal. Number two, about their attitude and experience, what has been your experience with ‘blank’ … ‘Blank’ meaning my topic or your topic, so far? What has been your experience with real estate investing so far? What has been your experience with chiropractic so far? What has been your experience with video marketing so far? You learn about someone’s attitude and experience.

Barrier, the third and final question. What is preventing you, if anything, from implementing video marketing successfully in your business? What is preventing you, if anything, from implementing public speaking in your business? Now you can learn about someone’s barrier, you can learn more about and reframe address in your presentation.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you implement these ideas and ask these 3 quick questions in your next presentation. If you want to learn more about how to use presentations, public speaking, video webinars, to acquire more clients, more patients, make more money, help more people, just go to www.influenceology.com. If you’re watching this video on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel, because you don’t want to miss our next video.

I’ll talk to you soon. Bye, bye.

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