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Dear 10X Business Builder,

Picture this:

Someone invites you to do a presentation and the situation is like this:

  • 1,000 people in a room
  • Some of these people could become potential clients eventually
  • You only get 15 minutes on the stage
  • You can NOT sell or promote your services
  • You can NOT offer any FREE gifts for the audience to opt-in
  • The event is 15-minutes from you house
  • You will NOT get paid
  • You have no booth
  • There would not be after-event promotions to participants

What would you do?

93.45% (it’s sounds more scientific) of you would say no, and move on…

With no tangible and immediate results foreseeable, why would you do it?

I mean, time is money, rightsky?

This situation seems like a lopsided deal — not a win-win.

When I first started speaking, I too passed on opportunities like these (even when I was speaking for Anthony Robbins).

Like the old wise bull, that walks down the hill instead of running (*wink* *wink*), with experience, I think differently.

I was put in this exact situation not too long ago and here was my thought process…

… I love speaking and serving
… I know I can help these people — and at the core — that’s what lights me up.
… It is so close to my house, it will take 90-minutes of my day (plus preparation time)
… I will deliver a 15-minute talk and CRUSH IT
… I will make new friends and connections
… Something ‘good’ always come from speaking
AND I will find a way to maximize the opportunity.

So here’s what I did:

  • I hired a videographer for 1 hour to record my talk so I can use the footage to promote my future speaking services.
  • Here is 3-minute highlight of my talk

Was it worth it?

100% YES. I would do again.

Not only did I have an awesome time speaking and connecting with that group, but I also had a chance to strengthen some business relationships with influencers after my talk that has already lead to new and profitable opportunities.

In addition, I got new footage that I can use to my marketing material, to generate more speaking opportunities, leads and business.

Finally, I feel more fulfilled because I am doing what I love to do!

Moral of the story: SAY YES! You can always find a way to maximize it.

Roberto Monaco

The 10X Business Letter 
Co-Founder, Influenceology

PS: After 4,000 plus talks I gave, I can assure one thing: there is always a way to maximize and profit from a talk, always.

During our Influencing From The Front event , we spend over 30-hours in a weekend helping you maximize and profit from your presentations.

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